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Let us host your next birthday party or private event. All celebrations are art-based with creative, unique projects corresponding with a chosen theme or art form. There are a wide range of themes that can be customized around you and your child’s interests. Each guest will bring home their own artwork the day of the celebration.  Parties start children turning 5 years old (additional options for older parties).

The basic Party Package starts at $300 for the first 10 children, $15 for each addition child, up to 18 children. 

We Provide:
90 Minute time slot (host may arrive 15 minutes early to set up food and welcome guests)
Craft, supplies and activities
Paper goods and utensils

You Provide:
Food and Beverage

Age 10 & up
Painting pARTy Canvas or Wood

Similar to our Ladies Paint Nights, party goers will be instructed step by step on how to create their own work of art.  Artworks will be painted on 16x20 canvases or created on a wood piece.  Parties will be an hour and 45 minutes with 90 minutes dedicated to painting and last 15 minute available for cupcakes/snacks.  Price for a canvas party is $30 per painter, minimum 8, maximum 13 painters.  Wood prices vary per piece.